Foundry Ecocer provides flexible and adapted solutions in the field of all Aluminium, Copper, Magnesium and Zinc alloys producers – from preliminary studies to complete turnkey projects equipment supply – in order to enhance our customers’ production capacity, product quality, reduce operating cost and address operator safety issues.

Foundry Ecocer is specialized in turning existing production lines into state-of-the-art facilities through engineering, design, supply and implementation of cutting-edge process.

Complementing, Foundry Ecocer offers construction, installation, renovation, maintenance of:

  • Billet Casting table
  • Slab Casting table
  • Aluminium continuous casting systems
  • Furnaces

Our staff of metallurgical engineers support customers with technical expertise in :

  • Metal Melting
  • Metal Transfer
  • Tranfer Troughs, Ladles, Pumps
  • Metal Holding
  • Metal Treatment
  • Degassing, Filtration, Fluxing
  • Metal Casting
  • Products for all Casting Methods

The same staff grants in site technical training to customers who want to better their casthouse efficiency and structural performance; i.e. our metallurgical consultancy provides the use of the following analyzers:

AlSCAN – Prefil – PoDFA,  ABB Bomem Canada.

Our R&D Dept. and the Laboratory work daily towards:

  • Training internal staff and customers’ one to new products and to new metallurgical solutions
  • Study and creation of new products
  • Development of best performance products with low environment impact and safe for operators
  • Expertise of analysis throughout the best sophisticated Lab instruments
  • Check in and check out of all raw materials and final products
  • Analysis of problems and problem solving
  • Direct presence in the casthouse supporting our metallurgical engineers’ staff to increase metal quality

Practical example of FOUNDRY ECOCER Aluminium Cast house technology:

IN LINE Al Alloys treatment station :

Study , project , manufacturing, installation and start up of:

  • Pre shape ceramic transfer launders, complete of steel frame, insulating boards, supports, connecting flanges, etc
  • In Line degassing unit, with 2 rotors, and 2 immersion electrical heaters
  • In Line filter box, with gas fired pre -heating lid
  • Both units equipped with draining launder
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