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About us

Foundry Ecocer is a leading Italian company in the field of chemical products and fluxes for metallurgical treatments of non-ferrous alloys. It always looks ahead, investing
in human resources, acquiring state-of-theart equipment, developing new products tailored to users’ requirements, in all possible forms, such as powdered fluxes, granular fluxes, tablet fluxes, packaged fluxes supplied in sealed aluminium capsules, and other forms, in line with a global demand increasingly oriented towards the high performance
and guaranteed quality requirements which characterise the competitive context of the sector.

Our solutions for non-ferrous foundry

The production includes fluxes for the molten metal treatment, mastics, ceramic pre shapes, treatment, filtering and degassing units, lubricants and parting agents for the various casting processes, holding and melting furnaces, and many more.

05_Foundry Ecocer Ossona Plant
06_Foundry Ecocer Arluno Plant
07_Foundry Ecocer Ossona Plant

01Production capacity

We are able to produce over 100 Tons./month of fluxes for molten metal treatment for the non ferrous industry.

02Worldwide market

We are one of the greatest international player in the production and marketing of products and auxiliaries

03Industry 4.0

A presses departments installed with Industry 4.0 with which is able to produce alloying tablets for the aluminum sector


Our granulated products have an innovative packaging that allows the saving of 15 tons / year of plastic in foundries.
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Our mission

Affirm our economic and market growth characterized by an exceptional attention to environmental sustainability. Our mission is to bring value to the foundry world, thanks to our consolidated position as solutionsprovider in the large segment of aluminum and non-ferrous metals, withour contribution, production capacity and know-how in terms of product,equipment and specialized consultancy.
ISO 9001 certified
Two production plants
Worldwide service
Discover our products

Discover our products

Full range of products and services for the non-ferrous foundry

Discover our products

Quality systems

Quality systems

ISO 9001 certified, innovation, development, quality guarantee,controls.

Quality systems



We work to ensure production is increasingly efficient, by reducing energy consumption


Contact us

Contact us

Send us an email anytime you want. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Contact us

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Looking to the futureOpenings

We are determined to further build on our position as a leading foundry supplier and tailored to the future needs of our customers

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